Taking Care of Your Lawn Mower

A lawnmower is an investment
that can last and last. You will find that even the cheapest lawn mower can last at least ten years and the more expensive ones will last twice as long, if taken care
of properly. Taking care of your investment,is well worth the effort. The following are some tips of what you can do to protect it.

1. Keep it clean!

Cleaning your lawn mower not only helps machine performance, it can minimize the spread of lawn disease. Rinse mower completely with a water hose from above. Aiming the hose
at the side of the mower might get water into the air filter. Wash the outside with sudsy water and sponge. Rinse. Turn the mower on its side and clean off any built-up
grass with your hands or a putty knife. Wash the underside with soapy water, then gently rinse. Let mower dry completely (about an hour).

2. Make sure that you check the oil everytime before starting your lawnmower, until you know how much it burns at each cutting.

* The oil is needed so that you can keep the engine lubricated. You will want to make sure that you avoid destroying the engine by always
using the proper motor oil.

Of course, all this is part of responsible maintenance. We at Bob’s Mobile Lawn Mower Repair Service will save you time, energy, money & more. Just give us
a call today to schedul an appointment to keep your lawn mower happy!