Is Your Gas Can Safe & Reliable?

Gas powered lawn and garden tools were
designed to make yard work faster and easier. They cut down on the back breaking labor that used to have to be done by hand. For all of the tools that use, you need to have
a good gas can.

It might not seem like any one gas can is better than the next, but regular gas cans have a habit of costing you extra money. When you tip up the gas can to pour gas into
your mower, sometimes gas leaks around the nozzle thread and that wastes gas.

With the cost of gas prices nowadays, every single drop matters! When the gas spills, you get it on your hands and on the mower, but if youre pouring it and pay attention,
you can catch that spill.

But if a regular can tips over in the shed, the gas can run out from the nozzle and the side thread of the nozzle. Talk about a huge waste! There is a solution in a can
that will hold on to every drop of your gas and that can is the No-Spill 1405 2-1/2-Gallon Poly Gas Can (its CARB Compliant).

What makes this can so unique is that the flow and stop of gas is controlled by you when you depress the button. If you let go of the button, the flow of gas stops. That
means that even if your can tips over, you dont have to worry about losing any of the gas.

When the gas flows from the can into whatever you want to fill, the gas doesnt gush out so that you end up with an overflow – the gas flows straight right into the target
at a steady pace.

No matter how slender the opening for your equipment, the No-Spill 1405 can fit since it has the funnel spout measuring at 7/8 inch. With the smaller opening, that makes
this the perfect can to use to fill up a chain saw.

Its also great to use with weedeaters or generators. Along with the gas can, youll also get a cover to keep dust and other debris from the spout. The can has a
mesh stainless steel screen and meets both EPA and CARB rules.

A lot of people still have the old 5 gallon gas cans around – and those can be so heavy to pick up when theyre fully loaded with gas. That full load makes them hard to
use because the gas wants to slosh over when poured.

At 2 = gallon capacity, this can is handy enough to take care of your gas fill or refill needs without being too heavy like the 5 gallon cans are  plus, with the push
button, you can start or stop the flow any time.