Self Propelled or Push Lawn Mower Cover-Why?

The great outdoors is a wonderful place to be – but it’s not wonderful for yard tools. Without protection from the rain, yard tools, including your
expensive lawn mowers, will eventually show the wear and tear of being kept outside.

You put a lot of care and expense into your lawn mower, so you don’t want the lifespan of your mower to get shortened just because you keep it stored outside. What
happens when a lawn mower is stored outside is that it’s at the mercy of whatever weather occurs in your area. Here in Florida, you know what that means: a blazing
sun, sometimes violent winds, storms, hail, lightening. Maybe even a hurricane.

While it’s true that a mower sitting out in the rain once probably isn’t going to cause lasting damage, repeated exposure to the elements can cause rust, and can
also result in scratches and dents against the frame of your mower from debris being blown against it during a storm.

You don’t want to pay for a reliable lawn mower only to have the weather mess it up – or worse, render it unusable. To protect your lawn mower, you’ll want to get a
Push Mower cover or Self Propelled Lawn Mower cover.

The cover keeps the investment you spent on your lawn mower, safe from the elements of being outdoors. The cover is large enough to completely protect your mower
regardless of whether you choose to store the mower with the handle extended or with it lowered.

This cover is made of polyester that’s capable of repelling water. That means your mower gets even more protection from the rain. Mowers that get water logged will
not start. By having a cover, you’ll keep your mower dry and start ready.

Not only does it protect your mower against the rain and damage caused by water, but it can also protect your mower against debris stirred up during a storm. It keeps
dirt from blowing into the inner workings of the mower and protects twigs from slamming against the mower, too.

The cover also keeps the mower safe from the caustic acid birds leave behind in their droppings. This protects the finish on your mower and is a health guard for
you against any contaminants you could come in contact with.

Your mower will also get protection from rust and from the sun’s rays – both of which damage lawn mowers. When you’re finished using the mower for the season, a cover
will protect it during the colder weather.

The mildew resistant cover won’t stretch out of shape or shrink up in the rain. It’s wide enough to easily stretch over any self-propelled or push mower and it comes
with a handy bag to carry the cover in. You’ve made a good choice with your lawn mower – and you want to do all you can to keep it in the best shape it can be for years
to come.